About Our Mobile Health

Our Mobile Health (OMH) helps organisations make sense of the ever-growing mobile health technology market. With decades of experience in health, technology and mobile services OMH combines the latest health expert opinions, user, insights and academic research to help clients determine how to best embrace mobile technology to achieve the organisations health objectives.

We offer a portfolio of technically and clinically reviewed apps.  This is managed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the apps continue to conform to the highest relevant standards. Tailored portfolios are available to hospitals and other healthcare organisations on a white label basis, to suit the specific needs of their clinicians and patients and according with their policies and patient safety standards.

Apps are curated based on the existing evidence base, and a series of technical and clinical reviews, conducted by our panel of experts.  Based on the outcomes of these reviews, we are able to deliver an app library of high quality mHealth apps, helping healthcare professionals find the most relevant and highest quality apps that they can use in their professionally and personally.

Our Mobile Health Services

Using mobile technology to help deliver health services automatically puts the patient at the heart of the service, puts the mobile user in control of their own wellbeing and encourages the design and adoption of a patient centric health care system.  We offer a range of advisory services to help your organisation take advantage of the fast pace of development in mHealth and help you identify ways in which mobile tools and technology can help your organisation achieve your objectives.

Hospital and Healthcare professionals

Our research shows that hospitals are looking to mobile apps for the following benefits:

computer  – Increased clinical effectiveness

  – Diagnostic practices

  – Research and data gathering

However, lack of resources to navigate the ecosystem often lie in the way of adoption.

OMH offers hospitals and healthcare professionals a tailored portfolio of quality assured apps, that best suit the needs of  clinicians and patients, while adhering to your policies and safety standards.

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Application providers

OMH offers a means for app providers to identify their app as high quality for distribution.  With over 100,000 mHealth apps currently available, OMH offers app providers the opportunity to differentiate themselves as high quality, with the following:

tablet  – Independent technical and user experience review

  – Independent clinical reviews by our panel of clinical experts

  – A channel to market in a tough selling environment

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Our Mobile Health App Store

Innovations in Mobile Health (mHealth) offer an opportunity to benefit from a greater level of efficiency, effectiveness and quality in our health care system. The application of mHealth technology has potential to provide cost efficient delivery of healthcare, improve health outcomes and increase availability and access to healthcare.

Link to our sister site the Our Mobile Health App Store at  www.OurHealth.org.uk

Our Mobile Health receives support from the following organisations:

London Business School, Bosch, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Royal College of Art, London Health Commission, DHP Network and Landor.

LBS Bosch Deloitte RCA LHC DHP Landor

Some of our favourite Insights and Events focused on mHealth


Research2Guidance have just launched a new report on mhealth. Worth taking a look at:


13th& 14th March 2013 NHS Innovation Expo 

The NHS Innovation Expo promises to be a valuable and busy couple of days with a fantastic speaker line up.


1st Feb 2013 Merseyside & Cheshire HIEC Health Apps Conference 

We were fortunate to be invited to present at the Merseyside & Cheshire: Health Innovation & Education Cluster (HIEC) as part of a great line up.   Great engagement on the issues of developing apps, promoting them and providing the support required by customers.


July 2012 London Insights In mHealth from Developing Markets

Join us in London on the 20th July to discuss and learn about the issues, benefits and insights in mHealth from some of the mHealth trials and deployments in developing countries.


Deloitte: Shaping a Connected Health Care Market

This report discusses how Telecom Operators can enable mobile health care by examining how operators have engaged other industries, using mobile user behaviour with mobile applications from the various industries.


 Business Insider Intelligence The Future of Mobile

This presentation deck assesses current trends in the mobile device market, considering closely the growth of smartphones and tablets, the various platforms and how consumers are actually using their phones